2 Weeks Without Lomotil… Still Good!

December 28, 2009

So when my Lomotil script ran out, I contacted my doctor’s office in Cleveland, OH to call me in a new one at my pharmacy in Albany, NY. Apparently, a recent NYS law requires that the actual hard copy be there for controlled substances (which I just found out Lomotil was). So they called the office a couple times and it made my feel bad, because I work in a doctor’s office and I know how annoying persistant calls can be. I got an e-mail from the nurse and she said she sent it out in the mail. Unfortunately, they sent it to my parent’s address in Syracuse, and with the holidays, I knew it would have taken forever, so I just decided to wait until I got home for the holidays.

So now I’m back in Albany and I just dropped the script off at the pharmacy this morning. But I’m realizing that I have already gone two weeks without using the Lomotil and don’t seem to have many noticeable differences. It’s not that I go to the bathroom any more frequently, but that I noticed it was a little more liquidy. But I don’t think it requires me to take 6 pills a day. So I’m going to keep it on an as-needed basis, or maybe just take one at dinner, and then have my fiber supplement at lunch. I think this should manage it nicely.

I used to continue the Lomotil religiously, just because I was recently dating someone and I wanted to make sure it was as controlled as it could be. Also, you want to make sure it’s not too liquidy, because we all know that can also create a problem when you want to be intimate.

Does anyone else take Lomotil, and do you notice a difference when taking it? If not, what other supplements do you take?



  1. Ugh yes I remember Lomotil! I was taken off it after the op (they didn’t seem to think it was necessary any more). Like you describe, things can be a little … loose … but the occasional Immodium tablet (which is available over-the-counter) soon sorts that out.

    I prefer not to take any tablets unless I have to – often the unknown side effects are worse than the initial problem!

  2. Yeah, I’ve decided to stick with Lomotil on an as-needed basis now. I’m finding that a fiber supplement might be better. It’s actually the only medication I’m on now, so it’s a great relief from all the pills I had to take before! Do you find you had any side effects from Lomotil? I never took it before the surgery, I was only prescribed it afterwards when I got a flu that kicked my bowels into overdrive, and I’ve kind of just stayed on it since.

  3. Because I had UC for 4 years before the op (and an extra year of IBD before UC was diagnosed) I was on Lomotil all that time. It just made me feel a bit sluggish and harder to digest food, because it works by doping the muscles in the intestine, I think. But to be honest, even if there are no side effects, I prefer not to take something unless it’s really necessary. I suppose no-one really knows the long-term effects of all these drugs to our bodies, until we’re in our seventies!

  4. I had IRA a year ago now, and stopped taking anti-diarrheal quite quickly. I only now use it in rare occasions when it can be helpful – ie. long travel and it completely agree with Cal on this

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